Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hatta Desert : Sand, Wind & Camels

on our way to muscat, oman sometime early march, (together with my in-laws who were here for their dubai holiday) we passed by hatta desert – beautiful bronze sand everywhere. it was an amazing sight. now my kids are very used to the desert sand already, but what happened that day was an unforgettable moment for them, and me!



my boys – khaleef, kahfi & kazim – brothers forever in the sands of time.



writing on the sand. it won’t last a minute, but the memory will last a lifetime! (corny sangat mak! haha)



the unforgettable moment was when, out of the blue, a group of camels strolled our way, eating plants while their at it. what a wondrous sight! it was wonderful to watch.



wild camels out to get lunch. so adorable!



kazim playing in the sand; while the family of camels taking a stroll in the background. and since you’re looking, oh those sand dunes!



thank you, camels for sharing your family moments with us!



here is my sis-in-law tina with her dubai nephews



mr. khairul with his aunt maklang, while his mom looks on at the back.



dubai-hatta road lies in the background – a favorite fast lane for bikers of UAE, a common playground for mr. khairul and his biker buds. what a beautiful sight of bronze sandy desert as you chase the wind on two wheels!


* * *


enjoy the clip below; my boys, the sand and our unexpected guests. the background music is lagu ol skool ‘midnight at the oasis’ by maria muldaur.


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