Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy 35th Birthday, Honey Cookiedough!

for your 35th birthday, my dearest husband, I’m compiling all the poems I’ve written for your birthday for the past 5 years. enjoy. oh, and happy birthday!

written in march 2009, for his 30th birthday

from the hingus days of penang free
bicycle-ride fun and full of glee
to teen-angst years of mckk
so much work and serious play

need to grow need to get more
off to the States a lot is in store
challenges, experience and such he did get
living life full with aint no regret

in ipoh was the chance meeting
love at first sight hearts a-fleeting
9 years later a happy family at hand
three-boys is more than he could stand!

from penang to kl the humble days
to awesome dubai now he stays
such a leap for this beach jock
at thirty-5 you still rock!

penned by : your cute wife~ with love!

* * *

to mr. khairul, on his 31st birthday, written in 2010 :

thirty years after your birthdate
plus one year in addition
a special poem to my soulmate
from me, a heart rendition

thirty years of ups and downs
plus one year to that
you can be serious, you can be a clown
you walk your talk, you know where it's at

thirty years of joy and tears
plus one year additionally
challenges, obstacles, hope and fears
you conquered all, be proud be jolly!

thirty years of life
plus one year more
with a hot gorgeous wife
and two boys you adore

thirty years of hits and misses
plus one year further
i'll always have hugs and a whole lotta kisses
to a great guy, sweet darling and wonderful father!

thirty years of glory
plus one year too
you've got an amazing history
by simply just being YOU!

* * *

written in 2011 for his 32nd birthday

you're 32 so what is new?
grey hairs are peeking out
don't worry though it's just a few
need not get all freak out

you're 32 so how's it hangin?
your tummy expands an inch
no worries hon, don't go head-bangin
there's more of you to clinch

you're 32 so what's up doc?
forgetfulness persist
you left your keys you mix your sock
but i'm there to assist

you're 32 so how are things?
always been the same great man
grey hair, amnesia, tummy expanding
oh, just enjoy life as you can!

you're 32 so here's the deal
have so much more to thank for
a loving wife that's for real
3 boys whom you adore

you're 32 ok that’s that
enjoy this happy moment
give yourself a nice good pat
for another year of excitement!

* * *

written in 2012 for his 33rd birthday

33 you're today
i always write sweet rhymes
this birthday goes some other way
a cuckoo poem this time

33 is one cool number
because it's double three
i really need to slumber
i'm so sleepy-ee.

33 has got essence
you've lived life wild and wise
this poem gonna make no sense
i'm hungry.

33 is thirtythree
when you spell it yes it's true
this poem may be weird you see
but know that I LOVE YOU!


* * *



one of these dudes is the birthday boy. clue : he’s not arab.


* * *



me, you, and a cheezy love story—oh, cheesecake!



baked him a birthday cake – my marble cheesecake with maltesers on top! he loved it to bits, literally!



birthday boy loved it so much, he said, “ok, no more trips to the cheesecake factory ya? ni pun power gile dah!” ok was that a compliment in my favor? I don’t think so! sob sob, I want my 30th anniversary chocolate cheesecake from cheesecake factory!



terima kasih kerana melahirkan. mak birthday boy puan norazian – a proud mom with her manja overgrown eldest baby boy. meh. huhu.



love you so much, cookiedough. may Allah grant your doa, from the deepest and sincerest of your heart. because Allah knows best. have faith, and He will open the way. happy birthday!

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