Saturday, March 15, 2014

Awesome Buildings Around Dubai & Abu Dhabi

you know the world’s tallest building burj khalifa is in dubai, but do you know there are many more buildings in dubai with awesome titles too? world’s tallest hotel, world’s tallest twisting tower, world’s furthest leaning tower – all here in united arab emirates.

here are more incredible buildings in dubai which prove that dubai never ceases to amaze me.


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my sis-in-law tina is standing in front of ‘cayan twisted tower’ in dubai marina – the world’s tallest twisted tower, twisting 90 degrees. standing at 310m, 75 floors; with each floor rotating by 1.2 degree. so beautiful, so iconic! to build something strong and concrete like that in its twisted form is amazing. it’s an apartment building tapi bila lalu malam-malam nmpak few lights je on. penuh ke tak penuh lagi ni?



I was at safa park with my in-laws to check out stuff at the dubai flee market. the two blue buildings behind us is the JW marriott marquis dubai – the world’s tallest hotel at 355m, and 72 storey. all the suites at JW marriott marquis dubai come with sheikh mohammed’s book of poetry penned by himself.



me, mr. khairul with his mom and aunt in front of the awesome coin-shaped ‘aldar HQ’ building at the edge of abu dhabi. another great feats of engineering and architecture in the UAE!



this quirky-looking building is simply called the ‘O-14’. some call it the ‘cheese grater’ building or the ‘honeycomb’. to me it’s the polkadot building! I always see it from afar, from sheikh zayed road on our way to dubai mall but never got near enough to take a picture – until now. one of my favorite buildings in dubai!



this is ‘capital gate’ – popularly known as ‘the leaning tower of abu dhabi’ – the world’s furthest leaning man-made tower. at 160m and 35 stories, it is one of the tallest buildings in the city and features an 18° incline to the west (according to wikipedia). that’s me and khaleef with abah on his visit here few years back. you can see how long it has been when you see how small my eldest khaleef is. hihi. abah you should come back again soon – so much new stuff happening in dubai and abu dhabi!


* * *


there are many, many more interestingly shaped buildings in dubai and abu dhabi – and the ones I features here are just top of the ice-berg. awesome! and as usual – everything is ‘the most’ ‘world’s tallest, biggest, widest, leanest, –est –est –est!’ haha.

check out and gp google burj khalifa, burj arab, sheikh zayed grand mosque, the ferrari world theme park and viceroy hotel for more awesomeness!

waiting for the world’s biggest marvel theme park to finish and open here in dubai!


dhr said...

Rindu pulak nak pergi Dubai lagi!

amirah said...

menariknyaaa...amazed!!suka gila dengan coin shaped building!!

Adolf Smith said...

Thanks for sharing this stuff with us..
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