Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dubai Flea Market @ Safa Park

one man’s junk is another man’s treasure – that pretty much sums up ‘flea market’ for me. flea market is for people to sell unwanted items cluttering up their homes – and sell it to people looking for a good bargain of that special something that they can get for an extremely cheap price.

abaya for aed30, ceramic bowl for aed15, books for aed5-10 and pretty accessories for just aed1 – if you have a good eye for cheap things.

..and who has a good eye that I know of? my mother-in-law. she has been to the safa park flea market countless times whenever she comes visiting, and came back with beautiful frames, gorgeous antique treasure boxes, and cheap abayas and dresses.

and how many times have I been to the dubai flea market at safa park in my 5 years here? this was my FIRST time. word.



mr. khairul setting up camp right by all the actions at dubai flea market, safa park.


yeap, this was my first time ever at a dubai flea market, and I was thoroughly entertained! it was definitely NOT just about business. it was a festival! people of all walks setting up tents here and there, and some spread out their picnic mat, snacks ready and just lie down reading that aed5 book that they just bought.

they’re planning to stay till the flea market closes!



I caught this amusing moment : my eldest khaleef, always the reliable son helping bapak set up camp, while my youngest kazim looked on to see what he can help with. my second boy kahfi? relaxing on the picnic foldable chair, enjoying the view. hihi.



the boys hanging out in the tent while mak went bargain-hunting with their grandma and aunt.



kazim chillaxing on the picnic mat, munchin snacks



my mom-in-law fixed a delicious spicy fried noodle. simple gile tapi pedas so sangat menyelerakan~



my mom-in-law played out her bargaining cards and got a good deal on lots of tops and dresses. bravo!


I think the key is to always smile, asked nicely for a bargain, and be politely persistent! haha. it’s definitely worth it if it means spending as little as possible.

also, learn to read the expression and body language too – when the seller seemed hesitant about the price, you might end up paying less; however if the seller seemed firm and adamant on the original price, she/he would most likely to stick to it – so just move on, there are many other stalls! good luck!



happy bargain-hunters!



flea market. in the beautiful green safa park. among tall palm trees. crowded. bustling with buying and selling. but windy. a nice day to be rummaging through other people’s junks to find that one treasured item! haha.



mr. khairul’s aunt mak lang and his mom. and his sis tina on the picnic chair. tired but satisfied with today’s catch! berbondot-bondot plastik bag! kih kih. to me, our best catch of the day would be a big white bowl in the shape of a sampan that we got for just aed15, and an elegant, looks-new abaya for aed30. can’t wait for the next flea market!



not everyone was ready for this family photo but I kinda like it. us in shades of green, spontaneous laughter, genuine smiles, full tummies, clear boredom in one (hihi) and just a peek of me; but enough to see how incredibly grateful I am to be surrounded by my loved ones.



my eldest khaleef getting wacky with his aunt. alright, gate 4 y’all. come and join dubai flea market at safa park, on the first saturday of the month!


* * *


dubai flea market will be held:

  • on the first saturday of the month at al safa park
  • on the second friday of the month at uptown mirdiff.
  • on the second saturday of the month at ibn battuta.

the next dubai flea market in safa park is on the 5th of april, the usual time from 8am to 3pm. entrance is aed3 to be paid at the at gate 4.

other flea market around dubai :

  • 11th april at uptown mirdiff at promenade courtyard, between starbucks and fitness first. from 2pm-7pm. no entrance fee
  • 12th april at ibn battuta mall, tunisia parking rooftop with the big ‘geant’ signboard. runs from 1pm-5pm.

click this link to find out how you can participate in the flea market as a seller!

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