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Guilt Trip, Minyak Dagu, Burt Wonderstone, Dark Skies, Place Beyond the Pines

I’ve never taken a break watching movies, just took a break writing reviews about them! never fret, here I am back to convince you that some malay movies ain’t that bad, while some box-office american movies sebenarnye tak lah best sangat and is better left unwatched.

I watched the sweet comedy ‘the guilt trip’, malay horror movie ‘minyak dagu’, the hillarious ‘the incredible burt wonderstone’, the eerie movie ‘dark skies’ and the overdone drama of ‘the place beyond the pines’.


* * *



‘the guilt trip’ is an endearing comedy about mother-son bonding while taking a road trip across america. as expected, lots of funny incident happen along the way – funny to the mom, embarrassing to the son! however, along the way, the two discover each other, and in the process learned something greater – acceptance, patience, tolerance, and letting go.

I’ve always loved seth rogen’s brand of humor – his delivery is deadpan and that’s the humor. barbra streisand is spot on as the over-excited mom who naturally cares too much for her boy.

totally loved the scene at the steakhouse where mommy had to finish this big chunk of steak to win a contest, and then got hit on by a handsome cowboy. niiiice.

I had never taken any long road-trip with just my mak in the car, but this movie reminds me of those little moments mak and i had in the car on the way to the hypermart, or on the way to the bank, to the market or simply cruising around the neighbourhood looking for goreng pisang panas. the brief heart-to-heart, or silly jokes, or simply telling her about my day at work. unforgettable, precious moments.

not the best of comedy, but ‘the guilt trip’ is funny, sweet, and a feel-good. the ending as they wrap up the movie is even more sweet. sigh.


* * *



cerita ‘minyak dagu’ ni boleh tahan sebenarnya. tak sangka membuat aku tertarik menonton hingga ke penghujung cerita. syabas kepada pengarah azhari zain dan penulis skrip yg aku tak kenal tapi berjaya menulis skrip yang tak klise.

cerita dia straightforward je tapi olahan tu yang buat ‘minyak dagu’ ni menarik dan tak bosan. azman boifren emelda yang kelihatan selalu berkasar dgn emelda, tapi emelda macam dah syok kat sorang doktor, johan. ntah macamana tiba-tiba emelda nak tinggalkan azman utk berkahwin dengan dr johan. terkena minyak dagu ke? ubat guna-guna ke?

tiba-tiba muncul pulak macam-macam perkara aneh dan menakutkan dalam kehidupan ketiga-tiga watak utama ni. sape yang langgar pantang minyak dagu? sape yang kena kacau dengan hantu minyak dagu? mesti-tonton!

aku suka ‘minyak dagu’ ni sebab

  • jalan cerita simple tapi tak membosankan. olahan pengarah bagus sebab takde scene yang meleret atau tak perlu
  • seram penuh misteri, dan paling menarik – ade twist di akhir cerita. mesti kena tengok!
  • pelakon-pelakon aku tak berapa kenal tapi berjaya bawak watak masing-masing dengan berkesan. tak kaku; believable.

kalau korang tgh tercari-cari movie melayu yang berkualiti, kasi can kat ‘minyak dagu’. pasti berbaloi!


* * *



I LOVE this movie! ‘the incredible burt wonderstone’ is hillarious! I love steve carell, steve buschemi and of course jim carrey!

‘the incredible burt wonderstone’ is about magic. the pull-a-rabbit-outta-hat kind of magic, or suspend-yourself-20-feet-above-in-a-glass-box-for-a-week kind of magic. the over-dramatized, rehearsed stage magic versus spontaneous street magic.

burt and his bestfriend anton are partners in magic, but their old, corny magic shows are getting boring, and fast replaced by the modern, more daring street magic performer steve gray. attempts to get back to the top even costs them their friendship. burt needs to learn to put aside his pride and learn humility from the man who inspired him from the beginning, who made burt believe in magic once more.

steve carrel has great chemistry with steve buschemi as burt and anton – funny, sad, sweet and full of hope – viewers are all rooting for them both! jim carrey as street magician steve gray is ridiculously funny, as he always is. deliciously villainous!

loved the ending! a soaring applause for burt wonderstone and anton marvelton!


* * *



mr. khairul and I agree that ‘dark skies’ is one of the most eerie alien movies in recent years. of course we love ‘ET’ and ‘close encounters’. I think ‘the forgotten’ starring julianne moore is not bad. the alien ‘paul’ was freaking hillarious. but creepy alien movie? this is it.

‘dark skies’ is about a pretty normal family experiencing mysterious disturbances in their home. it started off small, which soon becomes more troublesome, dangerous and terrifying. why is this happening? why them? who are disturbing them?

not knowing what this movie was about, we thought it clearly was a ghost story of some sort. that’s how scary it was. and that’s how vague the aliens were shown in the movie. a glimpse here, and a dark shadow there. we don’t know what to expect!

one mistake that alien movie-makers make is to reveal the aliens in such a way that makes them less believable. nampak sangat tak real. but in ‘dark skies’ it was often suggested that there were ‘presence’ in the house – but it was never shown clearly until the very end.

the story is original, great ending, and great execution. recommended to fans of scary movie, and aliens.


* * *



‘the place beyond the pines’ is a bollywood movie disguised as a hollywood blockbuster. seriously. cuma takde nyanyi-nyanyi belakang pokok je lagi.

it’s got so many plotlines going on – the tattooed biker dude who robs banks to support baby boy and his ex-girlfriend who is already married to someone else. the ambitious young cop eager to do the right thing. the corrupted dirty cop within the police force. and then ‘…15 years later..’, two teens in a world of drugs and booze. one dark past. one revenge.

I SOOO know who these two teens are. no need spoiler pun! it’s a drama with too many dramas!

and what’s with ryan gosling and that expression? ok we all went crazy over ryan gosling the first time he played this dark, brooding character with the same macho i–don’t-give-a-damn expression in ‘drive’. and then he played that same kind of character in ‘gangster squad’. and from the looks of it he’s gonna play similar character in the soon-to-be-released new movie ‘only god forgives’. he’s cool like that. he’s sexy, macho bila buat muka masam tak pasal tu. we get it. but enough is enough! play a romantic character again like in ‘the notebook’!

sigh. watch it once for the drama. memang hindustan habis. and then toss it away.


* * *


tengok masterchef selebriti lagi best.

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