Tuesday, May 28, 2013

B’day Party @ Ibn Battuta Bowling for Lil Diva Mell

last weekend we joined the adorable little diva Mell and her family to celebrate her 2nd birthday at ibn battuta bowling center inside the ibn battuta mall, jebel ali. thanks to aida and syed for inviting us!

this is my first time at the ibn battuta bowling center (at india court, near the elephant), which is funny because ibn battuta mall is like our kedai runcit haha – the place where we do our weekly grocery shopping. since ibn battuta bowling center is on the other side of the mall, we seldom go there.

turns out to be a pretty cool place. the bowling alley is what you see once you walk in. dark with funky lights. there are stairs on the side that takes you up to the staging area for the birthday party, with a couple of small karaoke rooms on the side.


photo 2 (2)photo 1 (2)

birthday girl Mell with abang kazim and abang kahfi


photo 1

the kids ogling the bowling area – hoping that mak and bapak let them play later!


photo 3

while the grown-ups chat and eat, the kids made noise in the brightly-colored karaoke room (also on the same floor as the staging area of the birthday party) – singing ‘lion sleeps tonight’, among other songs! lagu filipino gile banyak, ye la kat dubai ni ramai pinoy and diorang ni yg terkenal suka gile berkaraoke.


photo 5

the delicious spread! seriously my boys’ heaven on earth – spaghetti in marinara sauce, pepperoni pizza, nuggets, crispy potato chips and tuna sandwiches – all their favorite food! good job, aunty aida and uncle syed! next birthday buat menu org tua pulak – kasi le laksa kuale kome pulak ye yeop!


photo 4photo 5 (1)

the pretty little moist chocolate cake for the birthday girl. seriously moist with rich chocolaty taste! yum! terlupa nak bawak balik 1-2 slices! haha


photo 1 (1)

cute birthday girl mengamuk taknak tiup lilin! haha comel sangat. she really did not want to blow out the candles, struggling to get away from dad! funny when everyone else started singing while she continued to scream! abg kazim on the side showed no reaction at all to her screaming – he’s just glad he’s standing closest to the cake!


photo 4 (1)

punya la ramai budak-budak yang attend birthday party ni, anak-anak aku jugakkk la yg berderet menunggu kek kat depan-depan tu. haha. memang anak mak!


photo 3 (1)

maslina, me & hostess aida holding birthday girl


the party was fun (and noisy!) with the karaoke, and the food was awesome especially because it’s so kids-friendly. menu yang budak-budak memang suka! thanks so much again to pretty mommy aida and hubby syed for including us to celebrate mell’s 2nd birthday. knowing we’re both perakian made it so much fun to speak in loghat perghok! haha. mell’s 3rd birthday jangan lupa kitorang lagi ok!

birthday party, gatherings and makan-makan like this is where we catch up with dubai acquaintances; but I also made new friends that day – maslina who happens to be my sister syimot’s old classmate when she was in uitm. it’s a small world! nice to meet you maslina, hope we can hang out sometime soon!


amirah said...

omg...comelnya birthday girl tu...so cute!! i like her dress..very diva2 kan kak

transformed housewife said...

ada jugak budak yg tak suka jd tumpuan org walaupun masa bday sendiri. anak knur yg no 2 mcm tu jugak.

Mama Safiyyah said...

hahaha mmg sederet anak hang dok ngadap kek Syigim....

i dah update blog....just for you....tp saborlah ye ceritanya panjaaaaanggggg......

Nia said...

sedapnya makanan dengan kek dia! terliur ni..hehe

Affieza said...

first time ni tgk karaoke versi bdk2...hehe

Syigim said...

>> amirah, comel sgt kannnn :) dah la kak xde anak pompuan hihi

>> kak nur, kalo anak syigim terang2 duk depan kek walopun bukan bday dia haha

Syigim said...

>> yeen, haha bukan namenye anak aku la kalo tak ngadap kek camtuuu hahahahaa...

ok cepat nak baca!

>> nia, makanan dia simple2 tp budak2 suka :)

Syigim said...

>> affieza, ade byk jgk lagu budak2 twinkle2 little star ngan london bridge hihi

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