Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stop! Shoot! Laser Tag @ Oasis Center, Dubai

if you wanna play paintball WITHOUT the messy paint and bruises, laser tag is the answer! for a mom of 3 boys aged 7 to 3, i welcome the idea very much since my boys can experience the thrill of roleplaying like in paintball – without any worries of getting hurt.

sigh. I can imagine paintball-hardcore-fans saying how sissy this laser tag is haha. but hey, try it out – it’s equally fun! minus the messy bruises!


photo 1 (1)


laser tag is simple : you go into the laser tag arena wearing a sleeveless jacket with lights on your shoulders and back (this is the target of your enemy). then you can start ‘shooting’ your ‘enemies’ with your ‘laser gun’ which will disable the ‘lights’ on the jacket (which means you’re temporarily ‘dead’! haha).

don’t worry, you’re not out of the game – the lights will go back on after a few seconds. points will automatically be added to the scoreboard. 


since we’re not playing TEAMS, kahfi had blue lights on his jacket, khaleef red, mine is green and mr khairul’s purple. kazim is too small to play, but the nice dude still lend him one of the laser guns and he happily played with it


why I love laser tag

  • it’s not as messy as paintball, and certainly not as painful!
  • the laser gun is not harmful to young children; and only emits light so no worries of them accidentally shooting a paintball on their toes
  • the aim of the game is easy – shoot enemies on the lighted area to get points
  • even when you’re shot, the lights are only disabled for a few seconds. you’re not out of the game. after that, you can continue shooting people hihi
  • it’s DARK, giving you the thrill of sneaking up on an enemy or being ambushed yourself!
  • it’s actually a good workout!
  • test your speed and accuracy!
  • berangan ada kat medan perang! piu piu piu!

I LOVE playing laser tag with my boys!



photo 3

first, we went inside the dark room with lit-up jackets hung along the walls. masa tu dah start bersemangat macam masuk bilik operasi ketenteraan hihi


photo 2 (1)

haha map included! tapi kitorang main redah je, tak study map pun!


photo 2 (2)

photo 4 (2)

the laser tag arena itself is not THAT huge. there’s a centerpiece, and a lot of partitions here and there of various height, some with holes to shoot from. it’s dark, but everything gives out a fluorescent glow. very nice! I absolutely enjoyed hiding behind the partition to sneak up on the boys!


photo 1 (2)

photo 4 (1)

it’s ‘laser tag with dinosaur theme’ – so naturally there are many ‘dinosaurs’ inside the laser tag arena which gives it a cool feeling running around and hiding amongst the dinosaurs!


photo 3 (1)


* * *


photo 5 (2)

time’s up! once we’re done playing we rest our laser guns over here by the score board. our scores also appear on the tiny screen on the laser gun


photo 1 (3)

the scoreboard


* * *


photo 2 (3)

photo 1


* * *


picture : from its facebook page


‘thrill zone’ is on the 3rd level of oasis center on sheikh zayed road. wear something comfortable, let loose and have fun! I think it’s aed55 for each person to play for 30 minutes in the laser tag arena, but we got a good deal from groupon so check that out ya!

kat malaysia, ioi mall and sunway pun ade rasanya! try it out!

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