Monday, April 29, 2013

Dapoer Kita : Kitchen of Indonesian Dishes

found a new indonesian restaurant in dubai : ‘dapoer kita’ which means ‘our kitchen’ in indonesian language. it offers similar indonesian delicacies that can be found at most indo restaurants here in dubai.


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one of our favorites : ayam bakar – grilled chicken, indonesian style.


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‘dapoer kita’ is situated in karama at sheikh mohamed building 2, very near fish market and the new lulu hypermart. it’s opposite the cluster of apartments.


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you can get indonesian lauk pauk (chicken and meat dishes) like our nasik bungkus. mr. khairul is happy to note that his favorite gulai sapi (beef in yellow gravy) is in abundance, and tasted delicious as it should be.

it also offers many other typical indonesian dishes like the nasi timbel (rice wrapped in banana leaf), nasi pecel (rice served with fried chicken), bakso (meatball, noodle and soup), iga (ribs), and buntut (oxtail).


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you can also get these indonesian keropok (fish and prawn crackers) – crispy and tasty.


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we got our favorite; a straightforward indonesian dish – sweetly marinated grilled chicken, served with steamed white rice, fried tofu and tempe (fermented soy), cut-up veggies and the infamous super spicy indonesian sambal (shrimp paste cili sauce). everything is freshly prepared. simple yet satisfying dish.


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delicious grilled chicken


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ordered one of our favorite indonesian drinks – the soda gembira. it’s basically rose syrup mixed with condensed milk and ice-cream soda. this one is too sweet. too much condensed milk.


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rose syrup + condensed milk + ice-cream soda = soda gembira. mixed them up to become a sweet, tasty pink-colored drink. but seriously dapoer kita, this is too sweet. easy on the condensed milk next time ya!


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we also tried the chicken satay, indonesian style. the chicken satay itself is delicious! well-marinated, tender and juicy. it’s served with nasi himpit (steamed rice rice compressed and cut into cubes) and indonesian peanut sauce.


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now while the satay meat has similar texture and taste with the malaysian satay, the peanut sauce is significantly different. the malaysia peanut sauce is spicy, the gravy is thick with traces of peanut bits. absolutely delicious. however, the indonesian peanut sauce is more fine and not spicy at all.

still a tasty treat for us. bole la kalo dah rindu sangat satay malaysia!


* * *


(image : google) inside ‘dapoer kita’ is spacious. indonesian batik is used as table cloth. the walls are painted yellow (my favorite color) so I absolutely loved it! overall a nice, clean place.


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photo 5

yellow walls with a few framed pictures here and there. plants in a corner. nice and sweet.


feel like having indonesian food today? call ‘dapoer kita’ 04-3795501 for more information, and directions!


Small girl in a big world said...

Thank you so much for the review.. So happy and delightful to read this. I do apologize for the soda gembira, hope we can satisfy you next time, and for sure will put less condence milk next time.. :)

Syigim said...

small girl in a big world, r u the owner of dapoer kita? thanks for dropping a comment! the food & service is good! but yeah, next time less sweet soda gembira ya? ;)

we would definitely come again!

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