Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dubai Police Drive Lamborghini & Camaro!

I think the application to join dubai police force just tripled – after it was announced that they got lamborghini for the force! yeap. paling murah half a million ringgit.

at the time of blogging, I actually saw THIS LAMBORGHINI passed right in front of me while waiting for mr. khairul to pick us up. I couldn’t take my eyes off it long enough to grab my camera and snap a picture! it was actually on its way to lepak at JBR.

so if you wanna get a sneak peek, you know where to go! it was really quite a sight. cool, sleek, classy, sexy. no business being driven by police! haha.




“..the sports car, painted in green-and-white colors of the dubai force, will not likely be roaring after law breakers. instead, it will be mostly dispatched to tourist areas to show – in the words of Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, dubai police’s deputy commander general – “how classy dubai is..”

click here to read full report on gulfnews.

so lemme get this straight – it’s a ‘trophy’ car, a show car to just be driven around TOURIST area? well, there goes my plan to steal a shawarma for a chance to ride at the back seat on these awesome cars!



I wonder how many lamborghinis the police actually have under their wings. and now I also wonder how they decide WHICH police officer gets the chance to drive the lamborghini…

seniority? take turns? rock paper scissors? lailai li tamplom?


* * *


this was actually NOT dubai’s first shocker when it comes to ‘pampering’ its police. last month, dubai announced that they got CAMAROS for the dubai police force!

“..powerful Chevy Camaro will help enhance security on the roads, says city force..”

read the full report here at gulfnews.

so if malaysian police force were given ferraris to drive in, maybe we would have less ragut cases? less kids go missing? the dream lives on…


check this out! yum!


so when will it transform into a green bumblebee?



ok, first it was camaro, then lamborghini – what’s next for these friends of the citizen, protector of the city, the dubai police force? a bugatti? a maserati? a pagani zonda?


* * *


today, 16th april, I was reading the gulfnews when I stumbled upon a news report that answers my previous question – what’s next for dubai police?

well, a ferrari. costing more than aed2 million.

“..Dubai: After Lamborghini, another luxury sports car, Ferrari, will be added to the Dubai Police patrol fleet this week.

Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai Police Chief, said on Monday that Dubai is a unique city and everything in it should reflect its uniqueness and for that reason police will add a Ferrari sports car to its patrol fleet..”

read here for full story.

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