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Best Madfoon Meat with Mandi Rice @ Bait Al Karam

ever wonder where is the best place to get fresh goat meat marinated in rich spices along with sweet cut up potatoes and sliced onions – cooked so well in the oven inside the aluminum foil that when it’s unfolded, the steam is enticing, the aroma makes you salivate, the texture melts at the tip of your tongue – and the taste – a symphony in your mouth…

my husband mr khairul the mutton meat-fan enjoyed it so much that he made that bold remark – the best madfoon meat in dubai is at ‘bait al karam’. no contest.


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it’s by coincidence that we stumbled upon ‘bait al karam mandi & madhbi restaurant’ while on the awesome makan place guide, ZOMATO. since it’s nearby our place, we decided to try it out.

it is situated in discovery gardens, and actually the closest mandi rice restaurant to our place in dubai marina. before this, the nearest is ‘bait al-mandi’ in al-barsha, or ‘marhabani’ in jumeirah road – the other GOOD mandi restaurants are far away in deira or bur dubai. I’m pretty excited to make this discovery since it would be easy pizzy to do delivery from there to my home!


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as mr khairul declared ever so confidently – to him, this is THE BEST madfoon meat he has ever tasted – and he has tasted meat from mandi rice country-of-origin – yemen! 


he said that this is THE BEST madfoon meat he has ever tasted because he absolutely LOVED the spices that envelopes the meat – deliciously rich, well-marinated, and in the right amount. even the potatoes (which are marinated and cooked together) tasted so delicious and sangat berempah.

and the way it was presented – it was served with the rice while still wrapped in the aluminum foil, I’m guessing super-fresh from the oven. the staff unfolded the foil right in front of us, straight onto the rice – steaming hot – with all its glorious spice and juices. awesome!

he also said that the texture is just unbelievably soft and tender – it was so easily shredded from the bone, and melts in your mouth! THAT soft and juicy!

he enjoyed every morsel!

now while I totally agree on the texture part – it is SO soft! – but I am not a fan of putting too much spices on my food – so to me it’s actually a minus point that it’s so full of spices! to me, it’s TOO much spices! oh well, that is exactly what mr. khairul loved about it!

it’s up to your own tastebuds then – this dish is certainly full of spices, whether you like it or not! regardless, it is a must-try when you’re at ‘bait al karam’!


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the modestly delicious chicken mandi


as a chicken-mandi-rice freak, I find the chicken mandi rice at ‘bait al karam’ on the mediocre side.

but don’t get me wrong – to me, I love mandi rice so much, that even the mediocre ones are still pretty tasty! it’s just that I’ve tasted much more delicious chicken mandi rice at ‘al-tawasol’ in deira and at ‘mahareb & madfoon’.

the texture is as soft as it should be, but the taste is a bit salty. still tasty, but I’ve tasted better.


* * *


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the restaurant is fairly new (just opened less than a year), as you can see from the interior and spotless wall. it’s kind off bare but because of that, it also looks spacious. oh, it’s got pretty fancy chandeliers. hihi.


photo 5

from the entrance, there is another doorway that leads to the sitting area or majlis. here you can sit cross-legged as you enjoy your mandi rice. it’s a long, spacious area, as you can see from the picture below.


photo 2

there are two other smaller rooms or majlis for family who wants more privacy, but it was a tad too small for my boisterous boys (and also a bit malap), so we chose to sit at the long spacious sitting area. also because the area was empty. so we can conquer the whole place haha


photo 3

pretty pretty chandelier


photo 2 (2)

sipping arabic tea after a hefty mandi rice dinner


photo 5 (1)

I just had to mention the bathroom mirrors – like, woah! haha. so poshy woshy! appreciate the cleanliness and poshness of the mirror frames!


photo 4 (3)

photo 5 (2)

the choices in the menu. all sounds delicious! call for home delivery 04-4324556 if needed!


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‘bait al-karam’ in building no 2, discovery gardens. I can’t remember the other shops left and right but the restaurant is not facing the main road, so you have to make a turn into the back of the row of shop lot to find the restaurant.

I also have to add that we received one of the best services by the waiting staff. he was warm and friendly, and he was excited to give us suggestions as first-time-comers. I didn’t get his name, but people like him is a gem in the service industry.

the mandi chicken at bait al karam may not be memorable, but we might come again JUST for the madfoon meat.

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