Friday, November 11, 2011

Turning 81 on 11/11/11

my beloved tokwan turned 81 on this special date of multiple ones – 11/11/11. what a blessed day to be celebrating 81 years of good health (alhamdulillah!), wonderful family and contented in life. at 81, he is still manning his makan place in taiping; his specialty is making ice-kacang – yum!

tokwan is tokcik’s husband. ala, tokcik is very famous in my blog. haha. my grandma who owns a makan place in taiping, ‘selera desa’. drop by when you’re in taiping ok! i’ve written about it here and here.

a man of few words, but plenty of smiles and laughs. no doubt one of the nicest man you will ever have the pleasure in meeting.



tokwan with the love of his life the ever vogue tokcik, with their grandsons


happy 81st birthday, tokwan – may Allah grant tokwan many more years of health and wealth in rezeki and rahmat; in this world and the hereafter. amin!


amirah said...

steadynya tokwan kak...mak saya baru 73 on 13/11/11 tp dh tak larat dah..laaa...tokcik kak ke punya selera desa tu rupanya..

Syigim said...

amirah, alhamdulillah mak amirah dah sampai 70-an.. masa mak kak meninggal dia belum 50 lagi.

biase pegi taiping ke, singgahla ke selera desa ye? :)

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