Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fell Asleep on Metro? Fined AED300!

imagine you’re fined RM300 for falling asleep on the LRT. imagine.

of all the times i had to take the LRT from gombak station to taman bahagia, i admit dozing off a few times on the train. travelling from one end to the other is not a short trip, so memang letih! but in malaysia, sleeping on LRT is allowed right? right?

however, you read right – AED300 fine for sleeping on trains, in dubai!

it all started when an american student fell asleep on the dubai metro, missed her stop, and was fined when she reached the final station. kesian gile. tak pasal-pasal kena saman just because she was sleeping on the train!

this is downright weird. people sleeps on public transportation all the time. sometimes (or even most of the time) it can’t be helped. when you’re tired, you’re tired. or maybe you’re not well. or you’re pregnant and sleep is part of the cycle. at times people can’t wait for the train to arrive so that they can get into the air-cond space and catch a few winks before arriving at their destination.

hmm. a new way for dubai to make money? the powers that be of dubai, PLEASE if you want so badly to FINE people for AED300, you’re better off taking it on SMOKERS.

just found out that dubai is implementing fines on people chewing gum on metro – just like in singapore – so take that ‘fine’ example further and implement fines on smoking in public places too! that would be fantastic.

anyway, back to fined-for-sleeping – the funny bit was when a couple of attendants cleared it up by saying that “..if a passenger falls sleep and snores or disturbs others - by drooling or falling over on to someone else's space - that can invite a fine. as long as they don't disturb other passengers when they sleep on the train, then it's OK.”

lemme get this straight – so apparently is IS okay to sleep but no

  • drooling - haha
  • snoring – what, an officer will just stand beside the sleeping passenger, listening and fine him as soon as he starts snoring? agak kelakar di situ
  • head-falling-on someone else’s shoulder – i admit this could really be a bother, but waking him/her up would be enough right? a fine is too much. after all, they’re not some perverts who are doing it on purpose!

there is a comment asking for a fine on people who “stepped on her clothes with their dirty shoes”. hellowww you’re in a PUBLIC transportation. with CROWDS. there are bound to be jostling of arms and knees. as long as they’re not pick-pockets and perverts taking advantage of closed space. tapi takkan ketiak passenger busuk pun nak report kat officer suruh dia fine orang ketiak busuk tu kan

ok, so anyways, if i wanted to lentok my head manja-manja on my husband’s shoulder while on the metro, still kena fine ah?

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transformed housewife said...

if that is been implemented here, I will be one of those who will be fined. huhu. I sometimes doze off too almost everyday from Tmn Bahagia to KLCC and also on my way home.

Syigim said...

exactly, kak nur! me too! kalau tak dozed off pun, sometimes just closing our eyes sbb penat - kena fine jgk ke? hihi

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