Monday, November 28, 2011

Puss in Boots : Where is the Shrek-Humor?

i was disappointed. tak lawak sangat pun.

puss in boots is and forever will be so very, very adorable, but where is the charm and laugh-out-loud humor that we all love so much from the four shrek movies? it has none of the lawak gile one-liners. well, there are a few moments here and there, but here and there ONLY is NOT good for a movie that supposedly a prequel to all the shrek movies!

the movie is entertaining – super cute characters, entertaining fight-scenes and a few great scenes like at the giant’s castle, but no LOL moments…



just for the record, we take the boys out for movies only ONCE a year in dubai. the cinema ticket is SO not cheap to begin with (55dhs a piece! and if you watch the movies at posh malls like in dubai marina mall, it’d be more expensive) and throw in a couple more dirham for the popcorn-soda set – the whole cinematic experience in dubai is pretty expensive.

  1. 2008 – we watched madagascar
  2. 2009 – we watched cloudy with a chance of meatball
  3. 2010 – we watched megamind
  4. and 2011 – its puss in boots

so, that being said, that’s why we go all out when we finally picked a ‘good’ movie to watch on imax 3D that will be worth it for us and the boys. this year it’s ‘puss in boots’.



like other times, we watched at grand megaplex ibn battuta mall – smaller mall, less crowd, and much closer to home. senang. also grand megaplex has better popcorns than cinestar. haha. more caramels, and it’s served hot and fresh! yums!



* * *


back to puss in boots.

ok i’m not saying that the movie is bad. it’s just that i had high expectations. yes, that’s it. i anticipated too much. my boys and i love shrek so much, that i’m just waiting for puss in boots to come out, knowing that it will be as funny and memorable as all the shrek movies.

i love you puss, but the movie is simply NOT as funny as it should. as if a totally different set of writers wrote the script, with none of the same type of jokes. the movie is SO cute, and that’s it. the only thing i find funny is the fact that it’s so difficult (and dangerous!) to have an adventure when you’re an egg. haha.

what i love :

  • only antonio banderas and salma hayek can build sexual tension with their cat characters!
  • the final scene with puss in boots was to me a reminiscent of a scene from the movie ‘zorro’ – which starred antonio banderas too! cute!
  • puss in boots is SO CUTE! SO SO CUTE!
  • as usual, the 3D effect is amazing

what i don’t :

  • incorporating fairy tales and nursery rhymes like beanstalk, and the old jack is all good but could’ve been better if there were more reference
  • it’s not as funny as it could be – shrek, donkey and puss team was so funny that you would expect puss to still be funny on his own, considering that it’s produced by the same company
  • i personally feel that if it wasn’t for puss being famous from the shrek movies, this movie would have been just another regular animation
  • when we’re watching kungfu panda, khaleef laughed like crazy at so many scenes. watching ‘puss in boots’ he only laughed at the part where they all fall down from the beanstalk screaming


my eldest boy khaleef


oh well…

at the end of the day, we all have loved the adorable puss in boots so much in shrek, that we will forgive him in this mediocre animation. i actually welcome a sequel to this ‘puss in boots’, in which i hoped there would be improvement on the humor department – ala shrek!


Liz Rohaizat said...

alamak, tak best ke kak? nasib baik tak tengok lagi. yer la, puss kan very adorable. kalau filem ni tak berjaya bawakan watak dia, memang tak best la.

Affieza said...

Rekod yerr??? setahun 1 movie je...hehe

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Almost watched this but ended up watching Happy feet 2 instead which the kids loved hehe

transformed housewife said...

I had the same high expectations as well. I was quite devastated with the movie. Like you said, there were not enough punch lines!

Syigim said...

>> liz, best tu best, tp rase mcm xlawak sgt.. tp puss in boots tu tetap cute!

>> affieza, sebb kat dubai ni nk tgk movie biase2 je pun mahal sgt! :)

Syigim said...

>> hidayah, good for you! that's probably a better choice! :)

>> kak nur, agree - where are the punch lines?! sikit sgt scene2 yg lawak...

Irum@dubaicraftermom said...

Yes you are right... its no match to shrek.

btw... good to see a blogger from dubai :) I am a muslim mom of two residing in dubai...

Syigim said...

irum @ dubaicraftsmum, thanks for dropping a comment! do come back for seconds :)

yes, all 4 shrek movies are way better than puss in boots. too bad coz he's so cute!

Bibu said...

Bibu baru je tengok tadi...

Syigim said...

so how was it, bibu? the kids enjoyed it? kasi review sikit.. :)

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