Sunday, October 14, 2012

Khairul & Syigim : Post-Wedding & Post-3-Boys

how to plan a family photoshoot :

  1. dress nicely
  2. make sure your youngest sister is marrying a professional photographer




please note that :

  1. this picture was taken after we went to a wedding at the same venue, so the boys were all tired playing with other kids at the wedding, and restless to get out of their baju melayu
  2. the venue is full of trees and bushes AND ponds, so naturally there were mosquitoes. A LOT of mosquitoes. a whole party of them so posing for pictures was an uncomfortable feat for both our side, and the photographer
  3. khaleef had a toothache and was extremely moody the whole time, which is unfortunate because he would’ve given great shots and poses
  4. kazim wanted to get away and just run around. it was most difficult and challenging to just get him to sit still and LOOK at the camera

…so these are some of the shots taken that day...




these gorgeous shots were taken by my future bro-in-law faiz, and he’s open for business!

click here to visit his website at shutterpix, to check out the packages offered, and browse through his recent works. the website is very new, so keep coming for more updates!

also, please ‘like’ his facebook page ‘shutterpix’.

or you can just e-mail him at for more information.

or give him a buzz at 017-6454485 to arrange a meeting.

faiz is your guy-next-door, and very easy-going; you’ll have a fun time having your photos taken!

weddings, birthdays, expecting a baby, anniversary or just because you feel like it – etch your precious moments with shutterpix, and he will help make it more beautiful and memorable.


Fairus Basir said...


we all did a family photoshoot jugak hr tu. teringin kan.. proper gamba family.. with a photobooks. I ingat utk my pregnant looks ni nak ajak fadzil shoot jugak, plus dgn my 2 naughty girls tu.

Liz said...

comel je korang ni! gambar ala-ala nostalgik sikit

foodie said...

Gorgeous pics! Plus, doesn't look like any nyamuks were bothering you guys :)

Syamsulfaiz said...

Hehe nice, but I couldnt resist to notice the shoes Khairul was wearing...that dude is living by it !

Syigim said...

>> fairus, miss ur comments in my blog!!! i think you should do one with ur big belly hihi..and another one when the baby comes :)

>> liz, thanks! i know i'm so comel haha...nostalgik ke..bestnye! suka perkataan tu :)

Syigim said...

>> foodie, believe me...after we freeze to pose, we immediately shoo-away the mosquitoes, only to freeze again for another pose!

>> syamsulfaiz, hahahaha notice jugak eh?! once a biker, always a biker! that was not planned - he didn't have proper shoes but riding boots! :P

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