Wednesday, October 24, 2012

California Pizza Kitchen, MOE at 2am

we went to the mall of emirates (MOE) at 2am, and ate pizza. because we can. hihi. we had our pizza supper at ‘california pizza kitchen’ because though it’s a bit more pricey than domino’s, pizza hut or papa john’s – the dough and crust are superbly delicious and soft. fluffy and tasty.

california pizza kitchen at MOE is at the 2nd floor near the cinema – same row with chilli’s and a few more restaurants. it’s opposite a toy store and we tried very hard to distract the boys from noticing the life-size lightning mcqueen on display!




there was a reasonable crowd in the mall at 2am – and they walked around like it’s only 8pm! buying groceries, stopping at shoe stores and pushing shopping carts like a normal hour.

however, the restaurants are not as lucky from the looks of it – only one or two tables occupied, and that’s just one of a few restaurants. cafes are more popular – maybe because at 2am, people just need a good cup of strong coffee and something from the bakery.



empty seats, as far as the eyes can see!




* * *



the ‘thai crunch’ salad


mr. khairul and I are great salad-fans, so we started with this salad dish. we usually just settle for the normal, boring caesar salad with grilled chicken, but upon the waitress’ recommendation, we ordered the ‘thai crunch’ salad. she was so enthusiastic and confident about how delicious it is, that we had to try.

the ‘thai crunch salad’ consists of crisp veggies, avocado and cilantro with chicken and the crunch of peanuts, wontons and rice sticks. instead of thousand island or french dressings, the whole thing is tossed in sweet thai peanut sauce.

the verdict : good recommendation!

it was surprisingly good! the clashing of the texture – the crispy fresh veggies and the smooth soft avocado, the crunchy peanuts and the tender chicken, the savoury wontons and the sweet peanut sauce – all danced together beautifully in this simple dish. nice one!


for the main dish, we simply ordered the basic pizza – pepperoni, because the boys won’t eat anything else! less IS more, so even this simple pizza is so tasty! soft dough, crispy crust, cheezy toppings and hot from the oven. what else do we need?



I forgot what the deal was, but what we know is – since we ate at ‘california pizza kitchen’ after 12 midnight, we get any appetizer FREE! so we went for this shrimp dish – a little on the sweet side, since they’re using sweet chilli thai sauce but it’s a tasty appetizer nevertheless. kalau makan dengan nasi putih panas-panas, sedap ni!




our favorite family pizza place is still domino’s, but for a once-in-awhile treat, we’ll head on to ‘california pizza kitchen’ for some really soft pizza dough!

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