Friday, October 19, 2012

Cousins Welcome Their 1st Babies

my cousins rini and wani are close cousins – so close that they gave birth just few weeks apart, both in october, and both are baby boys! alhamdulillah! welcome babies! these adorable babies also make my aunts aunty na and cik first-time-grandma! congrats to the proud grandmothers!


both baby boys and mommies are in excellent condition, alhamdulillah. to khairul and rini, and ijan and wani, may Allah grant both parents patience, wisdom and most of all endless love to care and nurture these precious newborns. good luck and have fun!

*kiss kiss pinch pinch*!


* * *


khaer muzafhar bin khairul anuar

3am ~ 4th oct 2012 ~ 2.69kg


proud dad khairul & beautiful mommy rini


* * *


adam miqhael bin shahrizan

9.30pm ~ 17th oct 2012 ~ 3.5kg


rockin dad ijan & bombshell mommy wani


* * *


aunty gim can’t wait to see you babies! nanti anong khaleef, abang kahfi and abang kazim balik dari dubai nak playtime dengan khaer ngan adam ok!

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