Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jumeirah Beach : After 5 Years

my first ever posting of us visiting jumeirah beach was like, 5 years ago. in december 2008. it’s already february at the time of writing, and we’re still enjoying the beauty and cleanliness of jumeirah beach; proudly being one of its closest dwellers.

click here to read about our first trip to jumeirah beach, me just a few days away from giving birth to our 2nd son kahfi. and now he’s already 5! time sure flies when you’re having fun!



life and love, as I know it. my 4 boys : kazim, khaleef, khairul & kahfi



the water was WAAAAY too cold for a dip and swim, so they just build forts. hihi,


IMG_3827 - watermark

birds flying home for the evening. with the burj al-arab in the background. one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve captured of dubai. sebab tu kena watermark. haha.



wee~ the water is icy cold!



khaleef investigating tyre tracks



my youngest. already as tall as his bro kahfi!



yummy : pengat durian and bread, nutella for the boys and some bananas.



the cream-colored buildings are jumeirah beach residences and some hotels along the beach




always a new discovery once you step out : here’s the boys curious looking at a wandering starfish.




* * *



I love this shot too! "there is a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free. don't miss so many of them." ~jo walton, writer

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Anonymous said...

nice post. bring back the memories.

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