Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dubai Water Bus @ Marina Promenade to Marina Walk

it’s winter in dubai – weather is always fantastic for a day out walking. an even better day to be out cruising on a bot – or rather, the dubai water bus!

we were taking a stroll along the marina behind our place, just a short walk to arrive at the ‘marina promenade water station’, the first of FOUR around that area. the other 3 stops are at the ‘dubai marina mall’ (yes, I can easily take a 10-minute water bus trip to a mall from my place!), another stop at some building, also along the marina; and the final stop before they turn back is at the marina walk.

the fare for each ride : 2dhs, one way trip. like the brit grandpa who was with us on the boat said, the fare was “a no-brainer.” just ride on!



the station nearest to our place : the marina promenade water station. just approach the officer on deck, pay 2dhs, and hop on!



ample seats, but that morning it was just us and a brit grandpa taking his grandkid in a stroller.



got a seat right by the glass door – so we can see everything! nothing but tall skyscrapers along the marina. sigh. this is our neighbourhood for the past 6 years!



kazim totally enjoyed staring at the waves…



the door is ajar. agak scary huhu. the door can be opened manually by just pushing it aside, and as you can see there’s only SO much place to stand on the other side, so hang on to your kids!



mr. khairul getting friendly with the driver



safety precautions. take note!



the beautiful spiral building of dubai : ‘the cayan tower’ (previously known as infinity tower) in dubai marina. the tallest twisting tower in the world – twisting 90 degrees.



remember I told you about opening the door manually. huhu


* * *


love the water bus. it’s comfy, with great view, and cheap fare! also, makes it SO easy to go to dubai marina mall from my place. before this, it’s too far to walk, but too near to take a cab – so this really makes it easy. macam 5 minit je dah sampai sebab cuma perlu cross the marina!

a great addition to the folks at dubai marina! yay!


adyllbbs said...

bestnya water bus! bestnya winter!

amirah said...

wow...bestnya...very very nice

Syigim said...

>> dylla, water bus best sbb belakang rumah je! haha

>> amirah, very nice especially naik masa winter. sejuk! :)

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