Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wafa & Her 3 Dubai Cousin Brothers

can’t help but share these adorable shots with you fine people out there. these were taken by my sis-in-law tina when they were sending us off at KLIA.

my boys khaleef, kahfi and kazim with their only girl-cousin on bapak’s side. the adorable wafa.


from left : kazim, wafa, khaleef and kahfi. their eyes are proof that they’re close cousins! those pretty cat-like sepet-eyes that stretches forever – that even the strongest genes cannot push aside!


thank you my sis-in-law tina for these shots. it’s fair to say that among her siblings, she’s the one keeping everyone together for any photo shoot. syabas!


wafa refers to her cousins as ‘my friends’. cute. she cried so hard when the boys left to go into the international boarding area. sob sob. hope you come by to dubai soon kiddo!


Fara said...

Awww.. adorable snaps! my niece also cried and merajuk every morning when we left the house to go to work. ingat kami ni nak pegi jalan2 and tinggal dia. hehe.

Syigim said...

>> fara, sejak jadi SAHM dah lama tak merasa anak nangis2 sbb kita nk gi keja ;)

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