Thursday, January 10, 2013

Journey to Kalba : Padang Pasir Musim Sejuk!

it’s winter in dubai. and winter in dubai can be really, really cold. especially on a windy day! one great way to spend winter in dubai is to hang out at the nearest desert spot!

our pick? the sandy stretch along the road to a place called kalba. kalba is one city in the UAE (united arab emirates) in the state of sharjah, very close to fujairah, another state of UAE.


my boys gone nuts. they’re like 3 hooligans in the biggest sand box ever!


why kalba?


kalba has a special place in mr. khairul’s heart (and bike) as this is one of the many routes he takes on his usual weekend bike-ride. he has burned the rubber many, many times along this familiar roads, but this was the first time for me and the boys.

though the slopes and sharp corners made me nervous thinking of mr khairul speeding on his harley, but the landscape is beautiful in its simplicity, that it was just so serene for me.


oh kazim, i just LOVE the feel of soft desert sand slipping through my fingers. i could do it again and again.


that SKY!


my boys hitch-hiking a ride home. haha.


no cars. as far as the eyes can see. so mr khairul took this shot.



we took TONS of pictures, but i’ll save it for another day. this – right before the tunnel – is one of the many memorable spots for mr. khairul and his riding buddies. here they would stop on the side of the road for a brief rest, before continuing their journey into the open road.



the superbike riders in kalba. mine is the one in white. hihi. speed smart if you must, and be safe, love! ingat orang tersayang!


Anonymous said...

i love this posting. >;)

your other half.

aDyLLa OmaR said...

padang pasir musim sejuk. tapi macam panas je kak syigim?

Syigim said...

dylla, nampak je mcm panas sbb terik tp angin sejukkkk!

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